Are We In A Living Church?

I read this today in a commentary by John MacArthur Jr., and the question presented is one that we must ponder deeply . . . Is the church we're attending alive?
What are the danger signs that a church is dying?  A church is in danger when it is content to rest on its past laurels, when it is more concerned with liturgical forms than spiritual reality, when it focuses on curing social ills rather than changing people’s hearts through preaching the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ, when it is more concerned with material than spiritual things, when it is more concerned with what men think than what God said, when it is more enamored with doctrinal creeds and systems of theology than with the Word of God, when it loses its conviction that every word of the Bible is the word of God Himself!
No matter what its attendance, no matter how impressive its buildings, no matter what its status in the community, such a church, having denied the only source of spiritual life, is dead!

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