I just finished concluding my Bible studies in the Book of 1 Samuel and wanted to point out a parallel.
Saul, was in a battle against the Philistines.  Why?  Because he had not finished them off when he was supposed to!  In this final epic battle on Mount Gilboa, Saul lost his army, his sons, and even his own life.  If he was victorious in the past, why did he lose this battle this day?  Well this day had been a long time coming.  He had ignored the prayers of Samuel the Prophet.  He had cast out the godly leadership of his servant, and son-in-law, David.  And he had failed to obey God's leading, and therefore he was destined to fail.  And just as everyone watched as this young man rose to power, so was the Nation of Israel keenly aware when this man and his government fell in a "THUD" that was heard all over the land.
The same is true for us today.  There are so many men and women who "volunteer" to take the role of leadership, but fail to be led, or are led by the devil.  Hear me clearly, I am not politically posturing, I am rather pointing out the obvious, whether is be on a national level, within our churches, or within our homes, a failure to address these mistakes will take us down!
• We need to recognize that The Lord, God, has allowed us any position that we may have the chance to serve in, whether it be Governor, or Deacon, or Father, all positions are allowed by God.
• We need to eradicate sin or it will eradicate us.  Not removing sin completely will one day come back to bite us.
• We need to surround ourselves with godly fellowship  . . . People who exhort us to do what is right, not what is easy.  And, we had better heed when scriptural advice is given because our friends, whom the Lord gave, help guard our souls.
• We had better listen to Biblical counsel, taught from God's Word, spoken from holy men of God, for the Bible is equally as relevant today as It ever was.
• And when we hear the still small voice of God, whether in devotion alone, shared by a co-worker, or spoken from the mouth of a preacher, we had better listen and obey!  Failure to do so will result in our own downfall, and all of those who watched us climb the ladders of success we have created, will see us bite the dust as well.
In short, without Biblical teaching, godly leadership, and The Lord being the "Third Strand" in all of our relationships, great will be the fall of the . . . Nation; Government; Church; Family; Person; and it will be a "THUD" for all to hear and see!

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